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Meet the Staff

Accelerate-ACS Staff-7428.jpg

Jeremy Pfeil


ACS2021 Staff Photos-8991.jpg

Brittany Myers

Assistant Athletic Director

Staff Photos 2022-1638_edited.png

Maria Urbieta

Kindergarten K4 Supervisor

Accelerate-ACS Staff-7489.jpg

Julie Thomason

2nd-3rd Level Supervisor

ACS2021 Staff Photos-9069.jpg

Kegan Abram

Coach/ Academic Monitor

ACS Staff Photos-2629_edited.jpg

Libby Kelley

10th-12th Level Lead Monitor

Accelerate-ACS Staff-7449_edited.jpg

Garrett Griffin

Principal/ Athletic Director

Accelerate-ACS Staff-7517.jpg

Lori Thomason

Office Manager

ACS2021 Staff Photos-9020.jpg

Sydney Abram

Kindergarten K5 Supervisor

ACS2021 Staff Photos-8976.jpg

Tina Harris

4th- 5th Level Supervisor

6360 Suncrest -1599_edited_edited.png

Sabrina Fitzgerald

Academic Monitor

Staff Photos 2022-1614_edited.png

Aloha Gitchell

Music & Choir Teacher

Accelerate-ACS Staff-7468.jpg

Lisa Miller

Assistant Principal/

7th-9th Level Supervisor

Accelerate-ACS Staff-7499.jpg

Jan Whaley

Administrative Assistant/ Academic Counselor

ACS Staff Photos-2653_edited.jpg

Dana Sandoval

1st Level Supervisor


ACS Staff Photos-2643_edited.png

Crystal Leyendecker

5th- 6th Level Supervisor

ACS Staff Photos-2622_edited.jpg

Darla Smith

10th-12th Level Supervisor

Staff Photos 2022-1634_edited.jpg

Melisa Munch-Soegaard

Art Teacher/ Lead Monitor

Train up a child in the way he should go

Proverbs 22:6

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