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“Raising up leaders, sending out hope” is our motto which starts with the beginning of each day with mornings in the sanctuary, singing praise and worship and hearing God’s Word. Chapel happens on Thursdays and the dress code for Chapel attire is a bit more strict, as we seek to honor the Lord in our outward appearance on a consistent basis. Boys and young men wear ties with button-up shirts along with pants and belts, while girls and young ladies dress as they would in a Sunday dress (still meeting dress code requirements in length).
Students have told us how much they love starting their days focused on the Lord. Devotion is usually one or two worship songs, and then a brief illustrated sermon.
Chapel consists of one or two worship songs and then a sermon from Pastor Jeremy. Students must bring their Bible and take notes during Chapel. After Chapel, they know there is a Chapel Report due to their supervisor by the end of the day, which tells of what they learned from the sermon!


Each month, ACS introduces a new set of scriptures. It is the aim of each learning center to equip students to learn God’s Word through monthly memorization. The scriptures are also read aloud each morning with the pledges.
An incentive to memorizing the set scriptures each month is that when the student memorizes the proper verses (in New King James Version), the student makes “Bible Club” and is ensured to participate in a fun, non-academic activity at the end of the month. From trampoline parks to ice cream treats to pajama day, there is a set ‘Bible Club’ activity each month awarded to only those students who memorize the monthly verses! It reinforces the truth to our students that God’s Word brings blessing and reward!


While academics are a top priority at ACS, tantamount only to Biblical teaching, student life plays an active role and consists of fun and friendly interactions throughout the day, as well as team-building and event-led interactions throughout the year. The faculty and staff at ACS aim to create an environment where no student feels alone but is instead included among their peers, in and out of the classroom!  With the learning centers separated by age, there is game time during the student’s breaks throughout the day where students fellowship and enjoy one another’s company. There are also field trips which lend themselves to the cultivation of student relationships. Sports practice and games, field trips, Bible Club activities, and other extracurriculars all foster a place where kind, thoughtful, friendly, and steady relationships are built between the students. Not to be forgotten, Convention is a great place where students bond with each other. From individual competing to team competitions, students grow in their relationship with Christ and with one another when they travel to convention and put forth their best efforts together in competition.


Each year, students aged 13-18 years old compete regionally and internationally with Biblical, academic, athletic and leisure competitions. From chess play, to ping-pong, to Bible memorization, to preaching, to basketball games, to track and field-- A.C.E. offers 150 areas of competition for students to enter with their peers from across the region. (Convention can be relatively compared to Texas’ UIL of competition in public education.)
A.C.E. Convention takes place in the Spring semester, with the initial regional competition and then winners qualifying for “Internationals” which takes place at the end of the school year.
Beyond the intense competition, students are able to explore their God-given gifts and talents and use them for His Kingdom! From puppetry to ensemble singing to photography, there are plenty of non-athletic competitions. Additionally, the ACS basketball team tirelessly prepares through basketball season and off-season to compete each spring. The first year ACS ever attended convention, the basketball team did well, and the students brought home 2nd Place Overall in the Athletic competition!
Moreover, ACS won the “Character Award” for it’s honesty and integrity, as noticeably seen by the judges throughout the stay of ACS students at Convention.


“God gives you the courage to excel and the confidence to perform to the best of your ability.” -Tom Landry
ACS offers a competitive boys basketball team and the athletic department is growing. From it’s birth, ACS has coached and maintained a junior varsity basketball team. With games played locally against private and public schools in the Texas panhandle, the ACS basketball team continues basketball play and grows in skill and size, each year. Plus, ACS helps facilitate local league-teams in Kids, Inc. with elementary and middle school students, in respective sports. 
At convention, students aged 13-18 are welcomed to compete athletically in track and field, volleyball, table tennis, archery, tennis, and more. The Spring season is busy athletically as students prepare for convention competition.
Let it be known that fall sports at ACS consist of basketball home games which are sure to turn the school (and church) gym into a Warrior-zone of fired-up fans. The home games are full of energy and spirit as the family-like atmosphere propels the Warriors!

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