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March 1, 2023

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March 1, 2023

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July 28, 2022

Devotion 2023-9062

Our son has done so much better academically and behaviorally. Just in the first few months of school, we have had multiple prayers answered. Since going to ACS, he has had such a big boost in his confidence.

Candace- ACS Parent

I am thankful for ACS because we start our mornings with praise and worship, and devotion time. Plus we can read our Bible at our desk, which is something I never did at my old school. In our work, it’s really cool to learn about the history of the Bible too!

Reece- ACS Student

ACS has been such a blessing to our family. Our kids behavior and attitudes have changed tremendously and it has helped build the firm foundation we as a family are working so hard to build and instill in them. Because of ACS our kids are able to use their testimony and share it with others!

Cheyenne- ACS Parent

To maintain a biblical world view in this end time generation is no mild thing.  I don’t see how we could raise our children up without ACS.  Raising children in the world while maintaining the standard God has given us would be near impossible.  The Lord has given us a great tool with ACS to help come along side us as parents to shape and mold our children in His image.  One day we will stand in front of Jesus and give an account.  Knowing our child is at ACS gives me more assurance knowing what is being placed on the inside of these little vessels!

Randy- ACS Parent

ACS has impacted our family in many different ways. Our daughter has learned scriptures, how to pray to God for healing, and how to treat people. But most of all seeing how she loves the Lord, she is filled with joy and confidence knowing who her God is, nothing makes us parents more happy than that.

Megan- ACS Parent

It’s provided a positive learning environment that encourages Spiritual growth alongside academic growth. The peer pressure is that of Godly Character rather then immorality.

Nick- ACS Student

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